Energy spent: Qi Gong 18 Style compared to Yoga

Today I measured the energy I spent while doing my Qi Gong 18 style Ritual and my Hatha Yoga Practice.

I wear an Apple Watch which allows me to measure and record my activity during the day. I can even measure various exercises which I do,  mostly because I can. For a long time I would open the app and begin my Qi Gong 18 Style Ritual then go directly into my Hatha Yoga Practice. This week I was inspired to separate them and measure the energy spent during each one. The outcome was a Surprise to me. 

The Surprise was that 22 minutes of Qi Gong 18 Style (the simple, slow moving ritual that most people wonder if it is even doing anything) burned almost the same number of calories as the 22 minutes of Hatha Yoga (a practice that leaves you feeling as if you had more of a work out). I was not expecting this result. Having practiced both Qi gong 18 Style and Hatha Yoga for the past 25 years, I always felt the Yoga was far more intense than Qi Gong 18 Style. Fooled Me!!!!!  

Check it out.

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