Increased Energy, Positive Attitude with Qi Gong 18 Style

Yin Yang - Balance - Goal of Qi Gong 18 Style Practice.

Qi Gong Cultivates Life Energy.


Each morning I do my Qi Gong Ritual to Increase Energy. Regardless of how alert and alive I feel when I get up Performing the Ritual always lifts my spirits and fills me with the feeling of being Vital, Alert and Alive.

The Vital, Alert and Alive feeling is the reason it is easy for me to take the time to do the Ritual. It has not always been that way. In the beginning my practice was in the evening because that was what worked. Then one day I was inspired to do it in the Morning. Wow! My whole day went better…after a few days of this I realized that Qi Gong 18 Style was creating an Energy that guided and carried me through the Day.

You can have this Energy for yourself. Simply begin practicing The Qi Gong 18 Stylel Ritual daily. Enjoy Life.

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