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He obviously knows what he is doing, April 17, 2004
By A Customer Amazon .Com
This review is from: Qi Gong 18-Style for Health & Longevity [VHS] (VHS Tape)
I have seen chi gong videos where the instructor clearly had no idea of what chi was or what the purpose of chi gong was. This is not one of those videos. It is such a relief to find a video where the instructor clearly understands chi and the purpose of the chi gong exercises. He starts with simple meditation to focus and settle the mind, and then moves through the eighteen exercises. The exercises are presented in a clear, understandable way. This video makes chi gong accessible to even a total novice, because the quality of the instruction is so good. This is a solid video that I return to again and again.
By Amazon shopper (Florida)

(We have updated our Video Presentation to a Digital Download.)


Incredible Healing, March 2, 2008

“The first time I used the video, I was bored and I didn’t know if I’d end up using it much, but I decided to give it a chance.I’m so glad I did, because after three days of practicing this method of Qi Gong, I experienced an amazing, rapid and unexpected healing.

I had had severe hypothyroidism for almost two years, and the endocrinologist said I’d need to take Synthroid (thyroid hormone medication) for the rest of my life. After the third day of practicing with this video, I began to experience symptoms that I quickly realized were signs of hyperthyroidism (too much thyroid hormone). My own thyroid gland had started working again, producing a normal amount of thyroid hormone, and the medication I was taking put the total amount in my body over the top! I was able to discontinue the medication completely.

This happened back in 2001, and in these 7 years I have never needed to resume the medication. All of my thyroid tests have been normal and I’ve had no symptoms. And that’s without even practicing the Qi Gong consistently. After the beginning, I’ve only done it for a few weeks here and there — perhaps because the production of the video is, in fact, uninteresting to me. I did, however, buy 2 extra copies in case the first one wears out or gets damaged, just so that I’d have it for a long time.

I wish that they would re-make this into a higher-quality production on DVD that would be available through a large, well-marketed company like Gaiam so that many more people would have access to the great healing potential of this Qi Gong method.

I am very grateful to the makers of this video. Thank you, Tommy and Julia McDonnell, for the healing that you have enabled me to experience.”


 Qi Gong 18 Style For Health and Longevity August 21, 2000 posted on Amazon.Com By Terri Marks

This VHS should be a part of everyone’s library. It is easy to follow and may be used by anyone from age (2 to 100). I have recommended this VHS to friends who are recoverying from surgery or an injury, training for a sport, or just plain depressed. The exercises are not strenuous and if necessary may be performed from the sitting position. It makes you aware of your breathing, it cleanses the mind, and it calms the body. This is done by moving the energy within you and around you. This is an excellent tape.



“Thank you Tommy for your DVD which I bought in London this summer. I have suffered from asthma since childhood, and am now 62 but since learning 18 Style, have begun to notice subtle improvements in my breathing. I shall continue with this practice daily. It is wonderful. Right now I feel internal warmth radiating outwards following each session. Many thanks for your teaching. I would like to know more. Sincerely, Richard.”

To Tommy, Good morning from England! Thank you so much for your advice regarding my qigong practice and asthma. I have just completed my morning ritual,and have experienced a real opening of the lungs. In fact I feel really well, a step up from my current, much improved condition. I will practice this focus on breath and movement and send you an e mail before Christmas to let you know about my progress. Once again, many thanks for your kind interest and I send my regards.  Richard

“Hi Tommy and Christmas greetings from Kent. I’m writing to tell you that as a result of your kind advice re: co- ordination of breathing and movement, I have gone back, reviewed what I was doing, and have started again from the ground up. I can now complete the sequence with a good degree of focus, and, as an immediate result, have found that my sleep has been my instant and welcome beneficiary. The asthma is better as I now can complete the ritual without feeling wheezy or unwell. I plan to increase my practice to two sessions per day in the new year. ( does that make sense,or is it too much?) Thanks again for your kind advice and I will update you in due course. Happy Christmas to you and your family. Regards Richard.”


It’s like having your own class with Tommy McDonnell as your private instructor.  Better than in a class with other students – with the DVD you can stop, re-wind, re-listen, start over, re-learn.

What you experience is an utterly amazing “exercise” program that’s really not an exercise program.  Simply knowing that when you finish you will have worked all the muscles, joints, massaged all of your organs, in other words – really given your body a heck of a workout – makes doing the session quite exciting.

What you don’t have is an exercise session where you drip with sweat, huff and puff, feel exhausted at the end, and still have to shower and change before getting back to your daily routine.

You’ll experience movements that are so simple and so peaceful and so quiet – they are deceptive.  At the end of the session you’ll know that you have had a work out.  But you’ll also feel invigorated, full of energy, ready to take on your day, and you have the bonus of feeling deeply balanced and quiet within.

All of this in just 20 minutes. So it’s something you can fit in any time during your day.  For a special effect, do the session outside – you’ll appreciate a whole new level of doing something wonderful and good for yourself.   Alice P. Wyoming


My friend, Ann, and I had our first session with Tommy’s Qi Gong DVD.  At the end, when Tommy says, “How do you feel? Wonderful?”  Ann exclaimed, “No!  I feel Tired!”  I had to laugh – I agreed.  How could something so seemingly simple and easy give you such a great workout?  After just three sessions, though, we were feeling more “wonderful” than tired – and that surprised us, too – how quickly we had started feeling the benefits.


I was thrilled when I advanced enough to do the session along with Tommy on the DVD in the “Ritual.” section.  The quietness of it, and being able to flow with the movements is so peaceful, it just makes my day.


I don’t know the movements well enough to do them completely on my own yet, and although I very much enjoyed my trip out of state to visit family for the holidays, when I got back I realized that I was glad to be home and to get back to doing Qi Gong with Tommy’s DVD.  I’d really missed it.


Josette has emailed a progress report on her practice. Read it below.

“Ok dear “trainer”, not every day but 4 times this week!

How did it go? I try to do every exercise as well as I can but many of them less than 8 times not to tire myself out before the end of the session..

My personal problems:

1) For the past couple of years I “inherited from my husband” painful knee joints! Not as bad as his but definitely arthritis.. it comes and goes..some day better some day worse. So the squatting is not easy but, in a way, I think the regular soft exercise helps a little, if not to soothe my knees, at least to reinforce the muscles of my calves. (and that is very needed!)

2) Lately, my right shoulder started hurting, particularly at night when I lay down in bed!! Honestly, I think the exercise seems to help

3) Finally my lower back hurts often and sweeping floor or raking leaves have become unpleasant but… no hurting when following Tommy along, or after!

Oh! One last detail: at about half way through the program…I start ..yawning deeply! – no offense to Tommy! – but Marianne said she was told it was normal reaction and a sign of relaxation! True?

Sooo dear friend…how do you like this report on my aging process!”

Julia, being the great coach and loving person she is offers Josette the following encouragement.

“Good Girl! It is great to hear you are staying with the program!

Continue to be gentle with your practice: do ALL 18 of the movements but do fewer repetitions of each while you build your strength and stamina.

Being aware of your body and it’s responses is very good; and it is good to hear that you think the regular gentle exercise helps with some of your aches and pains.

When I first did this 18 Style Qi Gong with Tommy, I was surprised how weak my legs were (and I did yoga!) – I could not do the squats very well and my thighs were very sore. You will build strength in your legs!

A few points to be aware of:

1)Make sure you are squatting (like sitting on a chair) rather than bending over. You want to keep your head above your waist level.

2)Keep your knees over your ankles (instead of letting them go over the toes for balance) this will be more work but will help you build strength.

SO – even if you just barely ‘sit’ or squat, it is better to stay in alignment. Pay attention to your body, go to your comfort level and then challenge yourself to go just a little further each day or even weekly.

It is OK to have little cracks and pops in your joints—that is normal.

Any exercise helps with circulation and 18 Style Qi Gong is especially good for the circulation, so you will notice other areas responding (sometimes with twinges, sometimes soreness,). Trust that your body is eager to repair and get back into balance (from the inside out!) I think you will be surprised how those new discomforts will disappear, but if they get a lot worse and become more uncomfortable, be sure to have them checked out.


It is very important that you support your low back in everything that you do. Be aware at all times of how you stand and bend over. When you stand, BEND your KNEES ever so slightly, tucking your tailbone under and lifting up with your pelvic muscles. The muscles in the front of our bodies are not as strong as those in the back (and especially the Back muscles themselves), so it is easy to over use and strain the back. You may be feeling more now, because you have started using all the muscles a little differently. By doing 18 Style QG, in the slow rhythm, you allow the smaller muscles to build strength. When we do thing quickly, the bigger (stronger) muscles automatically take over and do the work and get overused.

AND YAWNING! –a normal reaction to relaxation AND to getting more oxygen into your system…more balancing stuff! 18Style QG is very relaxing and meditative, AND you are definitely oxygenating your blood and brain.

You are doing GREAT – great awareness and paying attention to your body! Be patient with it and perceiver! We believe Yoga has its benefits but Qi Gong 18 Style is more balancing overall. I think my mother would enjoy the Qi Gong with us!”

We will keep posting the exchange of information between Josette and Julia.


April 9,1998
Dear Tommy,

Last August I was diagnosed with breast cancer, had a mastectomy
and started chemotherapy in September. That wet on every three
weeks until January 6th of this year. Fortunately my oncologist
tells me that he feels very optimistic for my prognosis in spite
of the fact that I had some involvement in the right side lymph
nodes. Now I feel absolutely wonderful, am again walking 3 miles
four times per week and working out at the gym twice a week, and
life is GOOD.

The reason I’m telling you all this is that I feel that QiGong
had a great deal to do with my great recovery and the manner in
which I went through chemotherapy. Don’t get me wrong,..it was very
unpleasant, but between receiving Therapeutic Touch almost daily,
taking massive supplements and doing QiGong daily it felt like
a healing process and not an ordeal.

In March of 1996 I took a class from Meredith Vaughn and bought
a copy of your tape and have been doing Qigong regularly. During
chemotherapy I continued doing the exercises, sometimes only
being able to do 2 repetitions of most of the moves,..still I
felt that moving the Qi was enormously healing..

Thank you so much for introducing me to this wonderful healing
work. I will be teaching a class soon, and selling  your tape
to share this joyful work with as many people as possible.



To Whom It May Concern:

Mr. McDonnell is one I may recommend with complete confidence. He did so much to increase our Chronic Pain Self Management program for our Kaiser Permanente members. He has earned the confidence of all his students and instructors. His enthusiastic hard work will be sorely missed here.


Heath Education Specialist, Kaiser Permanente, Denver Colorado



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