So Simple – So Powerful – Qi Gong

So Simple – So Powerful

Performing Qi Gong 18 Style Ritual“This is so simple and easy, I’m not sure it is doing anything.” 

This has been said by more than a few students at the end of their first class. We assured them that this Ritual which is So Simple – So Powerful IS making a difference and to just wait, they will see a difference. Sure enough, at the next class:  “I cannot believe how stiff I felt the next morning from so little effort as we seemed to do in class! I go to the gym regularly and thought I was in really good shape.”

Qi Gong 18 Style So Simple – So Powerful. 

It will help you create a stronger healthier body and a happy, well balanced life. To achieve this result, the only thing you need to do to is spend 20 minutes a day doing the Ritual. 

In only 20 minutes and with 18 Simple and Powerful movements powered by your breath, your Qi circulates through your Meridian System in the precise order it naturally flows each day. This circulation of Qi is what facilitates the balancing and healing you experience. On the practical side you increase your circulation and bring in a greater supply of oxygen which feeds your whole body. This blood and breath flow brings nourishment to every one of your cells and carries away the waste. Feed and Clean your body each time you do the 20 minute Ritual. Simply think about what your are doing for yourself – you can only experience increased health and vitality, be happier more at peace with Qi Gong 18 Style.

This So Simple – So Powerful ritual works. Do not be fooled by the fact that is is not pushing you to your limits of endurance. Take the time, commit to doing the Ritual for 90 days and see what happens for you. 

Start Now! Download the 60 minute video that includes an Introduction to Qi Gong, Step by Step Instructions for each one of the 18 movements and a 20-Minute Ritual Practice for you to follow along with.  Order Now for a Better You!


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