20 Minutes to a Better You!

20 Minutes to a Better You!

If you want to create a BETTER YOU it can be done with the relative ease. All you need is to commit to yourself and spend 20 minutes each day doing Qi Gong 18 Style. Yes that is it! Well you also have to actually perform the Ritual practice each day.

This Ritual is Centuries old. It originated in China about 5000 years ago. Developed by Taoist in an effort to have Eternal Life. They perhaps fell short of that goal however the did create an easy practice to enhance health, physical, mental and spiritual/emotional health, and experienced longevity. All of this from only 20 minutes of simple, easy movements and rhythmic breathing that can be done by anyone, anywhere and anytime of day. The Ritual allows you to use every muscle in your body, move every joint and even massage all of your internal organs and glands.  This increases strength. Builds stamina. Improves balance. Calms the mind and body. Raises your spirits. Simply Makes You Feel Better.

The greatest pleasure I have received over the many years of teaching Qi Gong 18 Style has been the joyful amazement expressed by new students who, after performing the Ritual only once, say they get That Feeling of Balance and Calm! The feeling that leads to a continued practice of the Ritual and gives them an improved life all for only 20 minutes a day.

Think about it. Is this for you? If the answer is Yes. You can easily begin your own practice today. Two easy steps: 1-Download our video and 2- Begin your journey to a Betters You by practicing the 20 minute ritual of Qi Gong 18 Style.

I do it because I Do Feel Better after the Ritual.

Performing Qi Gong 18 Style Ritual

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