Qi Gong Testimonial – He obviously knows what he is doing.

He obviously knows what he is doing, April 17, 2004
By A Customer Amazon .Com
This review is from: Qi Gong 18-Style for Health & Longevity
[VHS] (VHS Tape)

“I have seen chi gong videos where the instructor clearly had no idea
of what chi was or what the purpose of chi gong was. This is not
one of those videos. It is such a relief to find a video where the
instructor clearly understands chi and the purpose of the chi gong
exercises. He starts with simple meditation to focus and settle the
mind, and then moves through the eighteen exercises. The
exercises are presented in a clear, understandable way. This video
makes chi gong accessible to even a total novice, because the
quality of the instruction is so good. This is a solid video that I return
to again and again.”
This Testimonial refers to our Original VHS video . Good News is we
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