Chronic Pain and Qi Gong 18 Style

When I lived in Denver, I taught Qi Gong 18 Style to patients with Chronic Pain at Kaiser Permanente. Class size was limited to 12 participants. The class met once a week for a two hour session over six weeks. 

I knew what to expect…I knew the patients would improve.  What I didn’t expect was the response many of the patients had. After just one class, participants reported how much better they were sleeping, the pain had diminished, and they simply felt better. By the end of the six weeks every participant had improved. The Chronic Pain they were living with had lessened — the result we all liked.

The results were of varying degrees, however everyone reported reduced pain. These participants had been in the Kaiser Permanente health system for months, some for years and had tried everything offered. Qi Gong 18 Style was their last resort. It Worked.

The Health Education Specialist at Kaiser Permanente had this to say when I moved to Arizona:

“Mr. McDonnell is one I may recommend with complete confidence. He did so much to increase our Chronic Pain Self Management program for our Kaiser Permanente members. He has earned the confidence of all his students and instructors. His enthusiastic hard work will be  sorely missed here.”

Qi Gong 18 Style works!

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