Noticeable Changes from the Beginning of a Regular Qi Gong 18 Style Practice.

Qi Gong 18 Style.Ritual

Tommy Practicing Qi Gong 18 Style Ritual

In the beginning, I began practicing Qi Gong 18 Style as part of a class for Shiatsu Chinese Massage.  I practiced Qi Gong 18 Style every day and began to notice changes happening in my body.

For many years I had been bothered with low back pain. It was so bad at times, I would have to use the drip rail on the car to get out and stand up. Sometimes, to get out of bed, my wife would have to pull me up by the arms or I would have to roll out onto the floor and crawl across the floor to the wall to stand up.

Not long after starting a regular practice, the benefits of the Qi Gong 18 Style Ritual became noticeable. My back pain was diminishing. I didn’t need as much help getting out of the car, or bed or standing up.  After about a year, it was gone CURED?  I am happy to say, for the past 24 years it has not been a problem! I believe I healed my back with a regular practice of Qi Gong 18 Style. 

Another surprising change happened. I had always been bothered with chronic TMJ — a disorder which causes pain in the jaw joint and muscles that control jaw movement. My chronic TMJ concerned my dentist who cautioned me about having it treated. About the time my bad back was no more I realized the TMJ was also GONE! My dentist was amazed…

These are only two of the many changes I have noticed.  Qi Gong 18 Style is a Whole Body exercise. The Ritual (a) Moves Every Joint, (b) Massages all the Internal Organs and Glands, (c) Uses Every Muscle (d) Reduces Stress and (e) Leaves You Feeling GOOD.  

What noticeable changes have you experienced practicing Qi Gong 18 Style?

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