Why I have a Daily Practice of Qi Gong 18 Style

Over the past 25 years, I have had a daily practice of Qi Gong 18 Style. I do the ritual every day. Well, almost daily.  I admit, there have been times when I “slacked off” from my daily practice.

During those times when I “slacked off” I discovered that my flexibility diminished.  I became more tense and edgy. My sleep was not as restful. My intuition was not as clear.  My cravings were more difficult to control. The list can go on, however I think you get what I’m saying. 

Getting back on track with a daily practice and doing the Ritual again after “slacking off” re-enforces to me what Qi Gong does for me each day. The feelings I experience  always make me wonder: “Why Did I Slack Off” and “Why do I not remember from the past what a loss it is for me to not practice the Ritual daily?” When I do the Ritual I Feel GOOD!

I realize that when I “slack off” I am depriving myself of the Gift of Connection to the Energy of the Universe. The Energy that Connects and Empowers me. The Energy that Keeps me Healthy and Happy.

You can experience this joy for yourself – this Gift of Connection to the Energy of the Universe. Simply start practicing the ritual of Qi Gong 18 Style every day and see what happens. Commit to 90 days of daily Qi Gong 18 Style.  Then let us know how you feel!

Good Qi 

Yin Yang - Balance - Goal of Qi Gong 18 Style Practice.

Qi Gong Cultivates Life Energy.

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