Hummingbirds and Qi Gong 18 Style

Each morning I perform my Qi Gong 18 Style Ritual on our Patio. We have a number of potted plants and Bonsai plants in the 14 x 8 foot space as well as Bougainvillea and Orange Bells growing up and over from the outside. Oh, and a Hummingbird Feeder.  On several occasions as I am doing my Qi Gong, a Hummingbird has flown past my head, so close that I can feel the turbulence from the wings on my face. One day as I was performing the Ritual, one flew up to within less than 12 inches from my face. It hovered and watched me for a while then flew to the feeder for breakfast. 

Qi Gong does give you a peaceful, calm energy. It seems the Hummingbirds respond to that vibration.

What have you experienced in Nature while doing Qi Gong?

Create Calm and Peace in your life, practice the Qi Gong Ritual.

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