Me and My Ritual Practice of Qi Gong

For years I have been doing the Qi Gong 18 Style Ritual Practice. I seldom skip a day because I know how powerful and centering it is. The practice has been, for me, a time of Meditation, Contemplation and Inspiration. This is why I’m telling you about my personal experience this morning.

The weather in Arizona this time of year is Beautiful — 57 degrees and clear skies when I did my Ritual Practice this morning. As everyday, I was enjoying being with my Qi Gong. However, as I moved through the 18 Movements, I found myself thinking about what was going on in my day to day life and feeling stressed. It was as though these thoughts were running like a video in my mind. Then it occurred to me… STOP thinking about this…Think about what YOU WANT!  I realized that I was polluting this valuable moment with unproductive, non-serving and unhealthy thoughts. I needed to  STOP!!! Focus on the GOOD. If I must think about something, focus on what I want, not what is going on in my life that is not serving me.

This for me was an Aha Moment. The practice opened me up to an Inspiration, a guide, an awareness of what I need to do to fulfill my wishes, dreams and desires. My thoughts shifted to what I truly desire. The flow of my practice slipped back into being a Meditation. I am So Grateful for what Qi Gong Gives me. This is why I keep practicing.

If you are not currently practicing Qi Gong 18 Style Ritual, think about committing to it for 90 days and see what changes in your Life. What improves for you.


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