Reactions and Results I have Observed as a Qi Gong Instructor

Qi Gong 18 Style is a relatively easy form to learn. Although it takes time to master, most people can effectively practice this form after a 5 session class or a week of using the video, however most still need to use a “cheat sheet” for sometime.  It took me almost a year to do the form with confidence.

Qi Gong 18 Style is so simple and easy to learn. A lot of people do not comprehend how something as simple as this could have any effect on their well being.  Well, if a student will commit to doing the practice for 90 days they will understand what can happen in their body and their life. Many people have, within the first few days of practice, had very positive and remarkable awareness of changes in their bodies.

When I was teaching in the Chronic Pain Clinic at Kaiser Permanente in Denver, I would have 16 new students every 6 weeks.  We would meet once a week for an hour and fifteen minutes. Many times students would come to the second class and having practiced each day between classes they would exclaim how much better they were feeling after such a short time.  Some would say they had less pain than they had had for years.  When the 6 week session was completed, all of the students who accepted the challenge to practice daily for 90 days reported noticeable improvement.  These were all individuals that had been through all of the other programs of pain management (drugs, physical therapy, etc) offered at Kaiser Permanente and Qi Gong was their last resort.

Another reaction that I always enjoy is from the student who is physically fit, has a regular workout routine and is usually in class to support a spouse. They come into the second class and say, “I can’t believe how much I felt that in my muscles the next day, it didn’t seem like we were doing that much.”

I still struggle with getting students to see how something so simple can be life changing and that making the commitment to practice for 90 days they can improve their life and live from a better place.

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