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Qi Gong 18 Style
Presented by:
Tommy & Julia McDonnell



Qi Gong 18 Style * Easy To Learn! Simple Movements!
* Body, Mind & Spirit

There Is More To  Longevity

Than  Just Staying Alive!


Qi Gong is an ancient ritual that has been practiced by the people of China for centuries to maintain Health and create Longevity. Dating back more than 5000 years, this practice has evolved into many different "forms".  The form we practice and teach is Qi Gong 18 Style, which consist of 18 simple movements combined with breathing patterns and performed in a 20 minute session.  When done on a daily basis, these simple movements can make profound changes in your Body, Mind and Spirit. During one 20 minute session, Qi Gong 18 Style moves each joint and uses every muscle in your body, and provides a massage for all your internal organs and glands.

Medical Studies of Qi Gong conducted by Universities in the U.S. are showing Qi Gong to be very effective in creating Balance, thus helping to prevent falls. It is also effective for CardioPulmonary disorders and intestinal problems and is used to treat Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Migraine Headaches. and minimize Chronic Pain. In China, Qi Gong is incorporated in Cancer treatments, helping patients recover from chemotherapy and minimize treatments. Qi Gong is also excellent for Stress Reduction and Hypertension.

Qi Gong is the foundation of all the Martial Arts, However, Qi Gong itself contains no self defense, but helps develop focus and concentration and build self confidence.

Tommy and Julia McDonnell live in our neighborhood and give classes in our community clubhouse twice a week. The workout takes twenty minutes and exercises every muscle in the body, including small muscles that most workouts overlook. It also stretches meridians to organs, and the organs themselves. This creates a euphoric sense of well being that leads to wishing to do the workout on a daily basis. A few weeks into taking the classes at the clubhouse, I bought the DVD, and now do qigong every day.

Here is a list of the movements and which meridians/organs are strengthened:

1. up and down - oxygen to brain, settle liver - composure, contentment

2. open drapes - exercise heart and lungs - love, completion, optimism

3. tree waving - strengthens stomach, digestive system, immune system, heart, nervous system, brain

4. dividing sky - exercise heart and lungs, refresh brain

5. pushing hands - exercises brain, opens channels in gall bladder, liver, and eyes

6. rowing boat - exercises the bladder, kidney, and gall bladder - feel centered and calm

7. lifting ball - lifting qi in grounded posture - uplifts spirit

8. looking at moon - exercises spleen, liver, and gall bladder, helps circulation, strength

9. push hands - exercises intestines and colon - aids digestive tract

10. cloud hands - oxygen to brain, relax eyes - peacefulness

11. looking at heaven - exercise heart and lungs

12. pushing waves - kidney, bladder, and feet - calm confidence

13 pigeon flying - heart and upper body - happiness

14. closed punch - intestines, colon - regulate digestive system, stabilize body temperature qi

15. big bird flying - lungs, upper body - happiness, contentment

16. paddlewheel turning - moves blood, cleans liver, gall bladder, kidneys, intestines, and colon.

cleans liver and gall bladder, improves energy

17. puppet - balances brain, improves coordination

  1. 18.regulate qi - oxygen to brain - stores energy, ends session.

Thank You Nori Muster for sharing with us.

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